Komai builds social projects with creative impact.

Our first project, Music 4 Malawi, is a music education program for underprivileged children and musicians in HIV/AIDS afflicted Malawi.

We run creative campaigns and collaborate with ethical designers to create and sell products that generate revenue for our social projects.

Our online shop sells a handpicked selection of high quality, authentic pieces made by sustainable and ethical designers around the globe. Our crowdfunding campaign raised initial funds needed to establish the pilot program of Music 4 Malawi.

creativity 4 cause

Every minute of every day, people are doing amazing things to change our world. Scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, businessmen - more and more of them are turning their talents to solving some of our society's most wicked problems. At Komai, we believe the same can be true for creative people - artists, musicians, designers, performers.

Our Mission

We channel creativity to instil hope in disadvantaged communities, provide unique opportunities for creatives, and start a movement that inspires our generation.

We strive to demonstrate how creative mediums are a universal language that can create tangible and lasting change in our world.

name origin


- KO stands for ‘collaborating’. We like the letter K better than the letter C.

- MAI is the month of May in French and spring season in the Northern Hemisphere - a time of new growth, a new beginning, in nature.

KOMAI is collaborating for a new beginning.

Komai Director: Amelia Reid

From a young age, Amelia has been driven to by her interest in social and environmental issues and love of the arts. Upon completing a Bachelor's degree majoring in Biology and Anthropology, she went on to achieve First Class Honours for her Thesis in freshwater ecology.

Amelia began a career in environmental project development and consulting in 2008. Through learning the ins-and-outs of the carbon trade, she saw a need to focus on small-scale projects that utilised local resources and relied less on the volatile financial markets of the time. Seeing an opportunity to unite her passion for all things creative with her need to be involved in hands-on social and environmental change, she founded Komai in 2011.

Amelia was born in New York City to an American father and a British mother and at age seven moved to Sydney, Australia. Her rich and diverse childhood opened her heart and mind to the fragile beauty and cultures of the world, which continue to be her inspiration for finding ways to create a better future.